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Plagiarism Information

Plagiarism Review Request
Use this form if you have a concern about a research paper that you would like to have reviewed to eliminate or validate your concerns.

Academic Integrity Violation
Use this form if a violation has been found. This form will be emailed directly to the Dean of the course program.

Turnitin Tutorials



Electronic Resource Copyright and Access Requests
Electronic resources can be directly uploaded into your Canvas Course shell after copyright permission from the publisher has been granted. Fill out this form to request copyright permission and scanning of books or articles to make upload easier. Copyright guidelines, for the most part, are applicable to digital material as well as the “traditional” forms of material. 

BUT WHAT ABOUT FAIRUSE? I can just use the article I want under fair use, correct? Section 107 of the Copyright Code allows for use of copyrighted material for classroom use.  The section lists four factors to be considered together in order to determine if the intended use is compliant to the Fair Use Doctrine:

  • The purpose and character of the use;
  • The nature of the copyrighted work;
  • The amount of the work to be used;
  • The effect of the use on the potential market for the work.

 It is the responsibility of the faculty member wishing to use the work to determine if the use falls within the four factors.  

Print Reserves

Print Reserve Request Form
Books placed on Reserve can be used when all students are expected to read a chapter from a book but not the entire book.
On-Campus Courses Only

Purchase Order request form

Library Resource Purchase Request Form
Use this form to request the library to purchase Journal Subscriptions, Print and/or electronic books, DVDs, or a Research Database. 

Library Instruction Request Form

Instruction Request Form


Cynthia Snell, AA - Biology, BA - Psychology, MSIT - Instructional Technology, MAR - Pastoral Counseling, MBA - Leadership, Ed.S. - Leadership, MSLS - Library Science

Liaison to College of Business, College of Education, Counseling Programs, Nursing and Science Programs


Kevin Flickner, BA - Bible and Intercultural Studies, MDiv - Academic Ministries, MLIS - Library Science

Liaison to College of Arts and Sciences, College of Intercultural Studies, Seminary and School of Ministry