Test Your Paper

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Check your paper for grammar, spelling, and plagiarism, before you turn it in, using the steps below.

  1. Go to turnitin.com and create an account.
  2. Select create a new account as a student.
  3. If it shows that you already have an account with that email and you cannot login, choose forgot password and change it.
  4. Select "enroll in a class," if you already have an account or use the following information when creating a new account.
  5. Enter class/section ID: 19511190
  6. Enter enrollment key: 1111
  7. Select Class: "Test Your Paper"
  8. Select "Submit" for the assignment "test your paper"
  9. Upload the file of your paper.
  10. Go back to assignment list.
  11. Select "View."
  12. A separate window should pop up, showing your paper with words from other sources highlighted.
  13. You may have to select e-rater from the active layers to see spelling and grammar issues.

PDF iconTest Your Paper Example - Before.pdf

PDF iconTest Your Paper Example - After.pdf