EDNT Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament

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Where to find EDNT

(EDNT) Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament by Horst Balz; Gerhard Schneider (Editors)

Call Number: BS2312 .E913 1990

3 Volumes

How to find your word's entry

EDNT is organized by Greek word in Greek alphabetical order. There are two ways to find the entry for your word in EDNT:

  • Index (back of Vol. 3)--the index is by English word but it is helpful to have the Greek word written down so that you can recognize which Greek word you want the page numbers for.
  • NIDNTTE has the page numbers for EDNT at the end of each entry.


  • lord, Lord (page 541) has 3 Greek words listed--the third one should be recognized if you have written down the Greek word in Step 2: 2:328 (volume 2, page 328).
  • 2:328-32
How to use your word's entry

Some words have short entries in EDNT; those with longer entries have:

  • an extended bibliography
  • a statistical summation of New Testament occurrences of the word
  • clarification of different meanings of the word
  • extended discussion of New Testament usage of the word
  • background of the word
  • discussion of exegetical problems and theology

Example (pages 328-32 in volume 2)

  1. Occurrences in the NT
  2. Meaning
  3. Secular usage
  4. Voc. kupie used of Jesus
  5. Yahweh/God as kupios in fixed expressions
  6. Other expressions (OT citations, etc.)
  7. Theorigin of the NT use of kupios for God
  8. Use of kupios for Jesus of Nazareth
  9. ('O) Kupios in the Gospels and Acts
  10. Other NT writings
  11. The significance of the use of kupios for Jesus
  12. Kupiakos