NIDOTTE New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis

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Where to find NIDOTTE

(NIDOTTE) New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis by Willem A. VanGemeren (Editor)

Call Number: Ref BS440 .N438 1996

Uses: G/K Numbering System

How to find your word's entry

There are several options for finding the entry for your word in NIDOTTE:

  1. Look up the Hebrew word--NIDOTTE is arranged in alphabetical order by Hebrew word, but it also has the G/K # so you might be able to find your word using the G/K #. See this page for resources that provide the G/K #. If you have the Strong's #, there is a conversion chart in the back of Volume 5.
  2. Index of Semantic Fields (front of Volume 5)--the Index of Semantic Fields does not give the page number of entries but shows related words
  3. Scripture Index (middle of Volume 5)--the Scripture index might not be the easiest method because although it lists page numbers where verses can be found, you don't know which word in the verse those pages are referring to. 
  4. Subject Index (end of Volume 5)--in English alphabetical order by subject but you might have to check several pages to find what you are looking for.
  6. TLOT


  1. 151 (page 275 in volume 1)
  2. Lord (page 122 in volume 5)--see God; the entry on "God" has (Lord #151)
  3. Gen. 18:12 (page 250 in volume 5) lists the following pages (you have to check each one to find your word): 1:258, 259, 275, 1134, 1136, 3:330, 797; 4:723.
  4. Lord (page 684 in volume 5)--1:256, 681, 816 as figure for God 1:256, 275; 4:1298
  5. NIDOTTE 1:256-61, 275
  6. NIDOTTE 123 (entry #, not page #)
How to use your word's entry
  • In the box is the G/K # and the Hebrew word. After the box is a short definition.
  • ANE: this section provides etymological connections.
  • OT: meaning and usage of the word.
  • P-B [LXX/Q/NT]: usage of the word in postbiblical Hebrew writings (Qumran and rabbinic), translation(s) of the Hebrew word into the Greek Septuagint (LXX), and/or reflection on the usage of a word in the New Testmament.
  • Semantic fields--similar to but shorter than what is found in the Index of Semantic Fields.
  • Bibliography, including page #s for TDOT and TWOT.


  • 151 is on page 275 but it also points to a fuller entry #123 on page 256.
  • TDNT 3:1039-98; TDOT 1:59-62; TWOT 1:12-13