MCREYNOLDS Word Study Greek-English New Testament

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Where to find McReynolds

Word Study Greek-English New Testament by Paul R. McReynolds

Call Number: BS1965.5 1998

Uses: Strong's Numbering System
A great book for finding the original Greek word and the Strong's # to use in other resources.

Has page numbers for NIDNTT (Brown) and TDNT (Kittel) and Louw and Nida

Determine a word to study

Determine a word to study

McReynolds has the Greek text, an interlinear translation, and the NRSV text side by side. Therefore, you can find a word to study within the context of the passage.

Identify the original Greek word
  • To find the Strong's #, look up a verse in which the word is located. 
  • Example: Looking up Matthew 1:20 (page 4), "Lord" is in the NRSV at the left and "of Master" is below the Greek word. Above the Greek word is 2962, the Strong's #.
Create a list of every occurance
  • Looking in the concordance at the back of McReynolds (in order by Strong's #), you'll find the following:
    1. GO, the number of occurances in the Greek text
    2. AG, page number in Arndt and Gingrich's A Greek-English Lexicon of the Greek New Testament and other Early Christian Literature
    3. LN, page number in Louw and Nida's A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament Based on Semantic Domains. Look in Volume 2 for this page number.
    4. B, volume and page number in Colin Brown's NIDNTT
    5. K, volume and page number in Kittel's TDNT
    6. R, Strong's # of a related Greek word
    7. Greek Word and definition
    8. LIST of every verse with the word
  • Example: 2962 (page 1392)
    1. GO 717
    2. AG 458
    3. LN 149
    4. B 2:508
    5. K 3:1039
    6. (no R for this word)
    8. Mt 1:20, etc